DIN (Germany) Metric to Imperial (USA) PVC adapter for the Durso Standpipe. This should only be used with "slip" style Durso Standpipes. The "Spigot" side is 1.5 inch and inserts into the bottom of the Durso Standpipe the leaving a 50mm nominal (actual pipe outer diameter is 50mm) slip socket exposed.

NOTE:  This can not be added to a Durso Standpipe afterwards, it needs to be purchased with the Durso Standpipe as this replaced a part normally used.

If not used for a Durso Standpipe - The US side is 1.5 inch spigot meaning it'll glue into a standard 1.5 inch fitting, If you need to connect to 1.5 inch schedule 40/80 pipe you'll need a standard coupling to use this item.

Diameter 2.25 inches (58mm)
Length 3 inches (76 mm)
Hole Size The 1.5 inch spigot will insert into any standard 1.5 inch socket such as used on the bottom of a Durso Standpipe for 1.5 inch bulkhead. A 50mm metric pipe can then be inserted.

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Metric Adapter, 50mm x 1.5 inch

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Tags: metric, imperial, PVC, adapter, durso, standpipe, slip, socket