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The Durso Standpipes offered here are made using US Pipe fitting standards. These are commonly called Imperial Fittings outside the United States. Metric adapters can be purchased to adapt the Durso Standpipe to metric fittings.

The following sizes are offered:

  • Metric Adapter32mm x 1 inch
  • 50mm x 1 ½ inches

The metric adapter (pictured right) is male insert on the left side and female socket on the right side.  This means the left side fits inside a standard US fitting such as a coupling (or bottom of a bulkhead) and a metric pipe inserts on the right side to adapt to a metric bulkhead.

International orders should only use slip style connections.  There is no international standard on threaded connections. There can be differences in the density of the threads, the angle of the threads, depth of threads, etc.