Jackie Malone

Just want to let you know that I am THRILLED with our Durso pipes.  Like I said we bought “Durso” pipes from a local fish store (which BTW cost twice as much – I am returning this weekend) and they did NOTHING to help the noise issue for our 300 gallon tank.  Took 30 minutes to cut down and drill the hole in your pipes and the difference was INSTANTANOUS and UNBELIEVEABLE.  Now all we can hear is the bubbling from the 75 gallon sump pump under the tank (any suggestions to get rid of that ;)).  We went from turning the TV way up and people being able to tell we had an aquarium over the phone to awwwww – quiet.  You rock dude!  It is refreshing when something actually works as advertised.

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These are authentic Durso Standpipes that are fabricated by Richard Durso to your specifications.  If you have any questions please use the Contact Us.

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