Nil Grommet

Thanks for this brilliant solution of a gigantic problem. I’m a Swedish reef enthusiast with 12 years in the hobby. I have recently set up a corner tank with an internal overflow. My wife used exactly the words that you did. It sounded like a waterfall. I tried to use some filter pads to reduce the sound but with poor result. Then I read on the NG about this innovative suggestion how to solve the problem. It took me 3 hours to build the standpipe and eliminate this awful noise. I have a 1,5″ bulkhead and I´m using a 2″ stand pipe. I just drilled a 5 mm large hole in the end-cap. Right now I’m using an Iwaki 55rlt as a return pump from the sump (it´s a really small sump, ETS look alike). Your solution works extremely well. It so silent that you can hear a needle falling to the floor.

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