Sean Jacobson

I have lived with noisy overflows in my 180 for several months now, that is, until I found a reference to your website on reefcentral. I followed your great instructions and installed my Standpipes last night! I experienced the same initial problems you referred to, but, thanks to your great problem solving, I was able to fix them just as you described! EasyPeasy!!! Wow, they do work great. It is so nice having a quiet tank, not to mention that fact that they keep an extra few gallons from spilling into the sump should there be a power outage or pump failure! Well, you have been a great resource to me and I am very grateful to you. Thanks again for sharing your experience and knowledge and providing us with a great and simple fix.

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These are authentic Durso Standpipes that are fabricated by Richard Durso to your specifications.  If you have any questions please use the Contact Us.

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